Welcome to mr.bob’s documentation!

Author:Tom Lazar <tom@tomster.org>, Domen Kožar <domen@dev.si>
Source code:github.com project
Bug tracker:github.com issues
Generated:January 27, 2015


mr.bob is a tool that takes a directory skeleton, copies over its directory structure to a target folder and can use the Jinja2 (or some other) templating engine to dynamically generate the files. Additionally, it can ask you questions needed to render the structure, or provide a config file to answer them.

mr.bob is meant to deprecate previous tools such as paster (PasteScript) and templer.


dotted notation
Importable Python function specified with dots as importing a module separated with a column to denote a function. For example mrbob.rendering:render_structure
This section configures how mrbob behaves
This section answers to the questions that will be passed to templates for rendering

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